Oktoberfest Beer Barrel Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Oktoberfest Beer Barrel
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 20
Decorating time: 2 Days
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Here we have carefully selected the key parts from the entire tutorial and condensed it into on 11 min long video. More than enough to get you started without taking too much time.

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1. The design

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Paul explains the concept as well as how he is going to put it all together.

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2. Constructing the board

Paul begins to construct the stand using cake drums attached with hot glue and screws. Paul has already cut out the supports for the barrel using a jig saw cutter. If woodwork is not your forte you can always have your DIY shop cut it out for you.

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3. Constructing the stand pt 2

Paul measures and marks where the feet for the barrel are going to go and drills some holes in preparation for securing them.

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4. Covering the board

Paul covers the board and then demonstrates how to create a nice old wood effect using PME modelling tools, as well as some tin foil. This effect will later be brought to life with some airbrush work.

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5. Covering the feet

Paul decides to cover the feet before adding them to the board which makes life a lot simpler. Paul covers them in edible glue and then allows them to dry a little before texturing them with PME modelling tools to create a wood effect.

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6. Creating the barrel

In this lesson Paul shows us how to create the barrel shape from the polystyrene dummies. Just make sure to do this away from your food preparation area, as this gets very messy.

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7. Assembling the barrel

Here Paul attaches the two halves with some hot glue and dowels for extra security. You could always use ganache but Paul felt a little nervous at the thought of it collapsing under the weight of the cake.

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8. Carving the cake

Here Paul cuts the cake and secures it to the barrel with ganache, and then carves it into shape.

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9. Ganaching the Cake

In this lesson Paul first of all covers the cake in a second layer of ganache and smoothes it off with an acetate smoother. He then goes on to cover the side of the cake cutting away the lip, once chilled in the fridge.

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10. Adding the wooden panels

In this lesson, Paul begins to add the wooden panels to the barrel using strips of white sugarpaste textured with a wood grain effect texture mat. The strips are cut at 13” in length and 2” wide, which are then cut to shape on the cake.

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11. Attaching the barrel holders

Here Paul attaches the holders for the barrel to the cake board using screws. You could always use hot glue which Paul advises could actually be simpler and just as secure.

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12. Airbrushing pt 1

Paul uses a mixture of orange, brown and black airbrush paints to create lovely warm wood tones. In this lesson the focus is on the board and on the barrel holders. Remember to wear gloves and a mask when airbrushing.

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13. Airbrushing pt 2

In this lesson, Paul adds the barrel fitted with the hose and goes on to bring it to life with airbrush work.

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14. Adding detail to the barrel

Paul adds strips of sugarpaste around the barrel, along with small circles, using the PME plunger cutter.

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15. Attaching the pipe pt 1

Paul begins to assemble the hose and funnel system for the beer to travel through… but has some trouble along the way!

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16. Attaching the pipe pt 2

Second time lucky. Paul figures out what went wrong and fixes it.

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17. Finishing touches

Paul adds the logo as well as leaves to decorate the board which he then airbrushes to life.

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18. Other ideas

Paul shares some other ideas you can try out when making this cake. We’re sure you have some of your own great ideas and we’d love to see what you come up with.

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19. Pro lesson

In this lesson, Paul shares some insider information about the cost to make this cake, as well as pricing, portions and other vital information for any professional cake designer.

Up for a challenge? Fancy a pint? The Oktoberfest Beer Barrel cake is perfect for you. Paul has come up with a way where you can have your cake… and drink it! Not only does this design look fantastic, but it actually works as a fully functioning beer barrel. Carved from yummy chocolate mud cake and covered in dark chocolate ganache, this cake is tasty too!
Which this design is ideal for a beer lover, you aren’t limited to the type of tipple it contains. Imagine having this at a large party with champagne pouring from it – decadent! The possibilities are endless. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to assemble a stand, basic wood work, carve and cover a cake with style, work with ganache, basic airbrushing, create edible leaves, create a working barrel and so much more. With the skills learned you’ll be able to create all kinds of fun functioning designs. This cake is perfect for intermediate cake designers looking for a new challenge – and a what a fantastic addition to your cake portfolio.

We’d love to see your take on the Oktobeerfest Beer Barrel  – so share your snaps with us on our Facebook page!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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