Pearl White Wedding Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

Tutorial Preview

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Pearl White Wedding
with Ceri Griffiths
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: 2 Days allowing for drying time
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In this lesson we’ve carefully selected all the key moments of the tutorial to get you started. Perfect for those of you struggling to find the time to watch the entire tutorial.

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1. Making Piped Flowers

In this lesson Ceri show us how to make beautiful piped flowers. He makes it look so easy! Just remember to make sure that all your tools and nozzles are clean and dry. The slightest bit of contamination can destroy all your hard work, so be super careful.

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2. Making the Monogram

Ceri shows us how to make a lovely monogram using the simplest tools, and a little bit of creative flair. Practise your handwriting and get creative!

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3. Cake Mapping

In this lesson Ceri show us how to plan in advance with precision and accuracy. This is absolutely necessary for piped work, especially when it’s as neat as Ceri’s. It isn’t complicated, doesn’t take long and will make your life a whole lot easier.

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4. Foundation Piping Pt 1

Now we are onto the exciting part! Ceri shows us the foundation work needed which will gradually be built upon to make it fancier and fancier. Ceri starts off with barrel rolls, shells and stretched bulbs of icing.

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5. Foundation Piping Pt 2

Things are starting to come together now, as we see Ceri build on the – now dry – piped work. Just make sure you give it at least 20 minutes before adding on top of it and correct with a damp paint brush as you go, as you can’t correct it once it’s dry.

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6. Over Work

In this lesson, Ceri begins to add some pretty over work, which he gradually builds up throughout the rest of the tutorial, with each layer adding something new and interesting.

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7. Stacked and Draped Line Work

Ceri shows us some lovely stacked and draped lines, as well as stacked line work. Pick up some fabulous tips along the way, like writing the nozzle number on your piping bag and having dedicated bags for each nozzle – this will help you hugely. When doing this kind of piped work you definitely want to be using fresh royal icing… don’t be tempted to use icing you made two days ago.

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8. Finishing the Monogram and Adding the Flower Topper

In this lesson, you’ll see exactly why Ceri made his monogram disc have a curve. Remember those piped flowers we made earlier? Well it’s time to add them to the top of the cake, and then fill in the gaps with some piped leaves.

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9. Finishing Touches

In this final lesson, Ceri shows us how to finish the cake off with lovely little dragées put in all the right places. This is a little bit of extra work that really makes a huge difference to the overall design. It requires a steady hand and is probably best to do once everything has dried, as you could quite easily damage your piped work.

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10. Other Ideas

In this lesson, Ceri shares some other ideas that you can try out when making this cake. We’re sure that you have some of your own fantastic ideas and we’d love to see what you come up with.

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11. Pro Lesson

Ceri goes into detail covering things such as pricing, ingredient costs and much, much more. It’s vital information for any professional cake designer.

Ceri introduces us to his classic and simply stunning Pearl White Wedding Cake. It’s old-world appeal makes it ideal for fans of anything and everything vintage. Follow this superbly detailed tutorial, packed full of transferable skills and covering all sorts of piped work, along with plenty of great tips and tricks from the master of organisation.
While this cake makes the perfect wedding cake, it could be adapted for any number of occasions. Imagine presenting this at a birthday party, anniversary, or christening! This tutorial incorporates many different skills and techniques – such as cake mapping, stacked line work, S and C scrolls and creating beautiful piped leaves and flowers.

We’d love to see your take on the Pearl White Wedding Cake – please share your snaps with us on our Facebook Page.

Ceri Griffiths

Ceri Griffiths

Ceri DD Griffiths is an internationally recognised expert in his field of royal icing and as such travels extensively. From baker and confectioner to professional dancer, cake artist and much more, Ceri’s own eclectic style of cake design and flare is made up from the many varied elements of his life. As a widely travelled teacher and demonstrator, Ceri Griffiths firmly believes that sharing knowledge and skills is the only way in which cake decorating and design can grow.
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