Cartoon Pig Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

1. Making the Models

Creating models that look like famous cartoon characters can be tricky but here Paul shows you a simple way to get theses Peppa Pig models looking just like the cartoon.

2. Making the House

In this lesson Paul shows you how to make the simple 2D house to add to the background of the cake in a later lesson.

3. Making the Sun

In this lesson, Paul teaches you how to make the cartoon sun.

4. Trees

These cartoon trees from Peppa Pig would be really useful in many “scene” type cake such as gold scenes or mountain scenes that can be a little more cartoon like.

5. Hills and Puddles

In this lesson Paul shows you how to add simple hills that give the cake some color and depth and no Peppa Pig cake is complete without a muddy puddle, which Paul shows you how to make to add a great cartoon look.

6. Attaching the Models - Part 1

Lesson 6 covers the attaching of the models to the cake, here in part 1 Paul shows you how to securely attach the house, trees and sun.

7. Attaching the Models - Part 2

The second part of attaching the models, Paul shows how to attach the characters to the cake securely.

8. The Clouds

In this simple short lesson (phew!) Paul shows you how to add clouds to finish off the cake.

9. Other Ideas

This is one of those cakes you can keep adding to and adding to and in this lesson Paul talks about some of the other ideas for the Peppa Pig cake.

You can add more characters, create a scene from your favourite episode or use elements of the design for completely different themed cakes such as a mountain scene. Paul also talks about how you could achieve a large 3D Peppa Pig cake by adapting the teddy bear tutorial.

Paul introduces us to this Peppa Pig inspired cake perfect for a child’s birthday for any age for that matter! Highly cute and full of brilliant techniques to challenge and advance all your decorating skills.

We would love to see your take on the Cartoon Pig Cake – please share your photos with us on our Facebook Page!


  • 6″R Chocolate cake
  • 9″R Chocolate cake
  • 12”R drum
  • 6”R card
  • 1.3kg ganache
  • 1.5kg Blue sugarpaste
  • 600g Pale green sugarpaste
  • 100g Pale pink sugarpaste
  • 60g White sugarpaste
  • 80g Yellow sugarpaste
  • 40g Red sugarpaste
  • 30g Jade sugarpaste
  • 30g Orange sugarpaste
  • 300g Dark modelling chocolate
  • 9 Dowels
  • CMC powder
  • Black paste food colouring
  • Small knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Side scraper
  • Metal ruler
  • Cocktail stick
  • Paint brush
  • PME tools
  • Rolling pin
  • Smoothers
  • Pritt Stick
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