Photography editing techniques - Cake Business Tutorial

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Photography editing techniques
with Greg Bell
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1. Photography editing techniques

In this lesson Greg is using Photoshop but fear not…all the techniques used in this lesson are transferable to any other editing package available. Ever had a situation where the colours just didn’t look right or there was a cup you forgot to move out of the shot? Well Greg teaches us how to correct our images and get them looking as best we can. This is a basic editing lesson so if you would like more advanced tips then certainly get in touch.

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Greg Bell

Greg Bell

Greg’s fascination with media started from a young age and led him to study audio visual studies at college. He then went on to many exciting projects ranging from award winning films, music videos to corporate promotional videos for various companies. Greg now has a new passion…cakes! Not only tasting them but doing his very best to film the skilled experts who make them for our fellow members.
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