Polka Dot Handbag

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Polka Dot Handbag
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 5
Decorating time: 2 hrs approx.
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1. Carving & Ganache

One of the great things about this design is that the shape is really quite simple with just a few choice cuts you can get a great handbag shape with little stress.

Paul then shows you how to get that neat finish with the ganache that’s critical if you want to get the icing nice and smooth also.

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2. Covering and Trim

Once broken down into short easy to follow stages you will see how to cover the cake and where to allow the joins. The trim on the bag allows you to cover the join and at the same time start to add the decoration to the bag.


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3. Decorations

Adding the bow and button bring the cake to life and the polka dots given it that distinctive look.


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4. Handle

What handbag is complete without a handle?…. Oh a clutch bag… Well this isn’t one of those! In this lesson Paul shows you how to do the handle and its not that hard really!


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5. Finishing Touches

Well your almost done! Did you have fun? Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed it and don’t forget so show us your pictures on our Facebook page too! In this last lesson Paul talks you through those all important finishing touches.


Before you start why not get a quick overview of what you will be learning. In this quick video you get a good look at the finished results to help inspire you to find the time to make this cake!

This cake is rated Easy so no excuses there! It also takes around 2 hours to decorate.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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