The Dog Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

Tutorial Preview

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The Dog
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 2 days
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1. Preparing the Board

It’s all in the foundations! So Paul puts quite a bit of effort into making sure our dog will be built on a solid structure.

NOTE: Please take extra care when using power tools and if you’re not comfortable, please seek the help and guidance of a professional.

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2. Carving the Cake

We’ll start off the cake by creating the biggest part, the body! It’ll give us a real indication of the size of the cake.
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3. The Legs

We’ll need some legs for that body! This is a tricky part of the cake to get right, especially as the dog is lounging around in this course.
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4. Covering the Cake

To give us a blank canvas, Paul covers the entire cake with white sugarpaste, we can really see the shape of this (not so) little doggy now.
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5. The Fur

The part of a dog that everyone loves, the fur! Paul creates the texture of the fur ready for when we airbrush those luscious locks.
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6. Carving the Head

We’ll need a head to go on top of that body! So that’s exactly what Paul does next…
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7. The Head

We’ll need a head to go on top of that body! So that’s exactly what Paul does next…
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8. The Cute Face

Awwww, the little Doggy face! It’s important to get this right to give your cake that real cute factor. Follow along with Paul as he shows you how he does it!
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9. Floppy Ears and Tail

What dog is complete without those big floppy ears and a wagging tail? Okay, the tail isn’t wagging, but Paul shows you how to create these important parts of our dog cake.
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10. Airbrushing

So far we have a rather large, dog shaped blank canvas. So Paul starts to work on the airbrushing of this cake and we can see it really coming alive!
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11. Airbrushing the Finer Details

Now the main bulk of the airbrushing is done, we’ll need to start paying particular attention to the finer details on our dog.
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12. Covering the Board

Paul decides to cover the board in a grass, after all, dogs do love the outdoors!
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13. Finishing Touches and Other Ideas

This is the lesson where it all comes together with the finishing touches, a few tweaks here and there and suddenly you have a cake that can really stand out from the crowd.
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14. Pro Lesson

In this Pro lesson, Paul talks about what it takes to turn this lovely Doggy cake into a popular and profitable seller. You’ll need to be wary of time and costs when creating this cake, but get it right and it could be a real winner for you and your business.

This weeks course see’s Paul create a cake that everyone will love, it’s man’s best friend, the Dog cake! Paul takes us through each and every step in this video course for you to be able to recreate this lovely Dog cake, suitable for a huge range of events and occasions or maybe even in your shop window! Combine this with the Westie cake and you’ll have your own clan of dogs in no time!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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