Wafer Paper Orchid Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Wafer Paper Orchid
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: 1 Day
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Here, we’ve carefully selected the key parts from the entire tutorial and condensed it into a 8 min long video. More than enough to get you started without taking too much time.

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1. Ganaching the cake pt 1

Learn how to increase the height of your cake then layer with ganache. You’ll also be introduced to Paul’s thoughts on various scrapers while he’s busy ganaching.

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2. Ganaching the cake pt 2

After leaving the ganache to set in the fridge Paul then starts to finish off the ganaching stage by getting the cake level with sharp edges and finishes off with a final brush over.

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3. Covering the cake

Paul introduces us to some new clever tools for getting sharp edges on your cakes. He rolls out a large piece of sugarpaste to around 4mm and drapes it over the cake and works into the pleats to achieve a neat finish.

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4. Making the orchid pt 1

Using cream coloured wafer paper Paul begins cutting out petals for the orchid.

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5. Making the orchid pt 2

Paul starts putting the orchids together with a little water and some 24 gauge florist wire.

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6. Making the orchid pt 3

Paul finishes putting the orchid together and using a ball tool achieves a nice natural movement in the petals.

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7. Dusting the orchids

Learn how to use different dusts to create the wonderful orchid colours along with the tell tale print in their centres.

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8. Putting it all together

After making the orchids it’s now time to arrange them. This can be a very subjective exercise, but Paul talks you through his thought process.

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9. Finishing touches

While finishing putting the orchids together Paul a moment of inspiration and changes the design slightly. Again, he talks you through his thought process and how he goes about implementing the change.

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10. Other ideas

Paul shares some other ideas you can try out during this project. We’re sure you’ve some of your own, and we’d love to see what brilliant alterations you’ve made.

Share your pics with us on our Facebook page.

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11. Pro lesson

In this lesson, Paul shares some insider information about the cost to make this cake, as well as pricing, portions and other vital information for any professional cake designer.

Such a simple but striking design using lovely golden textures, which show off beautifully the most simple, but effective Wafer Paper Orchid arrangement. You’ll be surprised at just how quick, incredibly straightforward and stress free the process is for making the orchids.
This cute cake is perfect for a wedding, but could be adapted for plenty of other celebrations too and in fact was made for a friend’s mother’s 70th birthday.
Follow this tutorial to pick up some new skills and techniques, which include stacking and ganaching a tall cake, getting sharp edges, using edible metallic painting to best effect, creating these lovely orchids from edible wafer paper and lot’s more.

We’d love to see your take on the Wafer Paper Orchid Cake – so make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook page.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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