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asked November 18th 2018

5 tier sponge wedding cake

Hi there, I’ve been asked to make a 5 round tier wedding cake - 14”, 12”, 10, 8” and 6” . I’m nervous about stacking the 12” & 14” cakes and wondered how many dowels I should put in the 14” cake to hold up the 12” cake etc.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks



Hi Natalie

If you follow Paul's dowelling tutorials you won't go far wrong. Take a peek at his free lessons on dowelling and stacking cakes here:

Stacking Cakes – Overview

If you're still worried about the bottom tiers, it won't hurt to add a few extra dowells for good measure. Paul does say in other tutorial if you feel unsure use more. It doesn't have to be many, just a few more in between what has already been used. Hope this helps.