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asked August 11th 2012

Toffee cake

Does anyone have a recipe for toffee cake. I am doing a wedding cake and they have requested that one of the tiers be a toffee cake. I have searched for a recipe but found nothing. Desperate!


i would use a butterscotch recipe, ising soft brown sugar instead of white in a standard sponge batter, i also but a teaspoon instand powdered coffee into my flour. You cant taste the coffee, but it does add some depth of flavour. . Use butterscotch sauce, (cooled dark caramel (sugar/water) sauce, mixed with 2 tbls cream), mixed into a standard buttercream recipe. it makes a really deep ‘toffee’ tasting cake.

Good luck.


Hi jennybaxendale

I should think that is fan oven, if it was 135c conventional the temperature would have to be reduced for people baking in fan ovens to approx 115c fan and that’s just too low to bake a sponge cake, there wouldn’t be sufficient heat to make the batter rise.
Make sense? x


Hi Elliot

Looks like no one on the planet has one, I’ve tried as well. There are some smashing caramel mud cake recipes online which could then be filled with a toffee cream filling. Alternately, you could try Wright’s toffee mix which is available in Sainsbury’s and Lidle. Paul has also given names of  mix suppliers in one of the blogs, they may be worth contacting.. Sorry can’t be more helful. Good luck with it.


Thanks I am going right now to sainsbury but will try online caramel mud cake recipes for future. You are a life saver!


You definitely should try the wrights toffee mix, its lovely. I added some toffee fudge sauce to the mix and it turned out full of toffee flavour and very moist and don’t forget you can put some Baileys on it once its cooled 🙂


Have ordered it online as I couldn’t get it from Sainsbury. How much toffee fudge sauce did you add I think that is a great tip.


Hi, I used about half a 275g bottle maybe a little less and that was  for one packet mix. The good thing about it is that at £1.59 and only oil and water needed you can afford to try it out first and see what you think.  I made cupcakes and they were a hit in my house. You could also add a packet of the little fudge pieces you can get in supermarkets 🙂



I use toffee cake alot. I just use my normal vanilla cake recipe and add a can of condensed milk (caramel) it’s really lovely and makes a superb carving cake too xx


Thanks for all your answers I will certainly try all suggestions.


Not sure how good it would be but you could try adding lorann oils to the mix. TheY do an English toffee one, can buy them from the cake decorating company. Suppose to be very strong  so not as much required compared to essence


Have just made 10″ cake with this recipe and a great success, adapted from toffee swis roll and calculated on cake-o-meter

467g butter/ golden syrup/light muscovado sugar

700g flour

6/7 eggs (I used 6 because ours are v large)

5tbs milk

Oven 135C

Melt butter and syrup cool 15min

sift flour &salt stir in sugar. Beat in cooled syrup mix. Beat eggs and milk and combine with flour mix until smooth. Bake- 10″” took 2 hours.


V good cake!


Wow Catharine, thank you for posting this recipe, I will definitely be trying it out and will post with the results. xx


Just made my cake with the Wright’s toffee cake mix and added some toffee sauce to it. SUCCESS!!  It tastes yummy. Thanks to everyone for all their help. This is cake power at its best. X


Alison64, when you say you add a can of caramel condensed milk to your normal vanilla cake recipe, is this recipe for an 8 inch cake? I’m worried I might use too much condensed milk with the recipe I have.


Catharine – I tried the recipe you posted above only yesterday and I have to say its the best cake i have made to date in my opinion. It came out of the oven looking perfect, no crusts, dips and perfectly level. It also carves brilliantly and tastes lovely. I made a very small change to the recipe and that was only to add 3 tablespoons of tesco ‘s toffee sauce. Thank you for sharing this and i would recommend others looking for a toffee cake to give it a go x


Catharine, or Scarlet, was the 135 degs oven temp for a fan oven? Or do I have to reduce this temp for a fan oven? Thanks!


Hi loobianca
Mine is a fan oven and i stuck to 135 degs and it turned out perfect. It would be good to hear how your cake goes. I’m quite a newbie at all this so was really pleased with the result.


Hi Scarlet, thank you for that, I’ll give it a go!



Was going to try the above recipe and I was wondering if it was just plain flour used.

Also it looks like salt is added how much was used.


Thanks Natalie never made butterscotch sauce do you have a recipe also how much of this would I use with a 8″ round

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