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asked August 11th 2012

Toffee cake

Does anyone have a recipe for toffee cake. I am doing a wedding cake and they have requested that one of the tiers be a toffee cake. I have searched for a recipe but found nothing. Desperate!


Hi kbrown

Will this http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/12431/butterscotch+sauce help? x


Hmmm I have just tried the above recipie and disaster all sticky syrupy on the top boo 🙁 I don’t know what I did wrong !


I am about to have a go but wasn’t sure if Catharines recipie was for a 10 inch square or a 10 inch round…can’t decide between that and Wrights with toffee sauce but Bagpuss1’s comment has made me worried!

Can you confirm cake pan size?

Thanks a lot – Joe


Post back how you get on I was doing it in 10inch square it’s a lot of mix


I’m now trying lindys Madeira but with dark brown sugar!


Cake came out fine but not terribly toffee flavoured :/


Thanks Bagpuss, will try the 10 inch square…did you use Wrights or Catherines recipie?

Also, silly question, assuming it turns out great, what filling are you using? I’m thinking of making this for my mum and she doesn’t like iced cakes, so was going to just make toffee cake, with filling, and maybe a little drizzle of the toffee sauce…any brilliant ideas…I’m a complete newbie to this!


I tried Catherine’s which didn’t work for me. I’m trying to Di the teddy do I’m thinking chocolate ganache and then a fudge buttercream. Hope it works for you x


Thanks Bagpuss, I’ll maybe try the wrights one with fudge buttercream…off to find a recipie for that now…I hope one day to have a full range of lovely recipies!


Hi everyone, I have a recipe that I use all the time, it is for chocolate cake but is easily adapted for what ever cake you need. It is a great all round cake and perfect for carving. To adapt for toffee cake I leave out the cocoa and use soft brown sugar instead of the golden and add some good quality vanilla extract. My oven is a fan oven and I bake it at 135 degrees for 45mins to an hour

This is the recipe for 25 muffins and I use this amount for a 8″ x 12″ inch cake
Plain flour 425 grams
Golden caster sugar 313 grams
Baking powder 13 grams
Bicarb Soda 13 grams
Cocoa 50 grams
Eggs 5
Veg oil 350ml
Milk 350ml
Golden syrup 50 grams

Sift flour and powders together.
Whisk together eggs, milk, oil, sugar, syrup until all combined then gradually add to dry mixture. Do not over mix, I just use a baloon whisk.
A very quick and easy cake to make, hope this helpful to you all


Lovely! Will try that one. How long does it keep and does it freeze ok? X


Hi, yes it freezes well. I was told the last decorated cake I made was still good and moist two weeks after I had made it. Hope you like it, its so easy to make x


Catherine I have just noticed your recipe for toffee cake is the quantities 467g each of butter, syrup and sugar


Sorry have not been here for a while, yes equal quantities butter syrup and sugar.


the toffee cake made with yoghurt is a lovely cake and as it contains oil is even better after keeping for a few days.


I have used Wrights Tofee Cake to make the teddy bear cake. It is wonderful for carving, and is quick and easy to make.


Sorry if its here already but I can’t see if Catherine’s recipe is SR or plain flour.
Has anyone tried ganache with caramel flavoured choc from chocolate trading company? My family love it.
I Could spoon and eat straight from the bowl.


Hi Suziedee0

The recipe doesn’t ask for any leavening so I’ve assumed it is for s/r.


Hi everyone. New to the site, so I’m sorry to repeat the question. Where is the recipe for the Toffee cake?
I see people asking questions but don’t see responses. What am I doing wrong.?


Hello sweetladyjane

Scroll up from my answer and your question where you’ll see a recipe from member dreamtimecakes, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on 1 which will take you to a recipe from member Catherine. The initial discussion here was for Wright’s toffee cake mix which is available in most large supermarkets and in Lidle and Aldi stores. Welcome to the site, happy baking and decorating.

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