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asked August 11th 2012

Toffee cake

Does anyone have a recipe for toffee cake. I am doing a wedding cake and they have requested that one of the tiers be a toffee cake. I have searched for a recipe but found nothing. Desperate!


I also tried Catherine’s recipe it was really good! Thank you!


Catharine I have made your toffee cake which came out really well! My daughters getting married in a months time does this cake freeze well so I can make it now in advance?


Yes Lynne we froze it for my daughters wedding cake last year. The only issue we had was when we had ganache do cakes we chilled them in fridge and had a panic when we iced them because we got condensation on cold cake, lesson was to let the ganche come to room temp before using sugar paste!


Please help us! For Mrs. Jones Toffee cake what is the USA oven degrees? 300 degrees?, 325 degrees?, 350 degrees? and how long before first check?


Can you tell me if the recipe uses plain or SR flour please?


Hi Tomand hen123

She used self raising flour in her recipe. The answer is on the page before this one right down at the bottom.



I notice your toffee cake recipe the 467 grams of butter is it 467grams syrup and sugar also


Hi TTbelle

The following is Catherine’s reply to another member on page 2 of this thread:

“Sorry have not been here for a while, yes equal quantities butter syrup and sugar.”

You can see the full page by going back to page 2, scroll right down to see the original answer.

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