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asked November 17th 2018

A “grand” cake

Hi Paul,

This year I have had the opportunity to make several 5 tier cakes for weddings. I believe on one of the courses I purchased I believe you indicated that a faux cake can be added to a tier to give that grand look. In reviewing my classes I didn’t see it so am asking the question.

I bake in 2” pans and torte the layers and add about 1/4 cup filling then ice. Most of my orders are buttercream but have done a few fondant covered cakes.

Am I correct that a dummy cake, maybe 1” or 2” could be added to a tier? I know this would have to be agreed upon with the bride but would like to practice. My largest order has been for 250 servings.

Any recommendations is appreciated.



Hi Stacy

The depth of a faux tier depends on the look you want to create. It also depends on the height of the other cakes.

You can mix up the tiers by say having a 2" tall base tier and have on it a 4" deep cake tier. You can also have a 3" cake to sit on a 3" dummy to give the illusion of a double barrel cake. There so many different combinations now. No one seems to stick to traditional tiers. Browse through the wedding cake section of the site via this link:


I'm sure you will see something to get you inspired. 🙂


Thank you for the response. To confirm I think I would put the styrofoam between cardboard round and then stack cake tier on it. Is that correct?


Yes correct, you have to board it in exactly the same way as a real cake. 🙂