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asked December 21st 2018

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Hi, also, regarding my previous question, I had made the cake from scratch, a butter cake, as according to America's Liz Marek, box cake mixes are too fluffy and soft and can hold air pockets which once cake is all covered, can release air from the air pockets, causing blow outs.

Did Paul and David, ever have blow out issues. My cake was a favour for a friend. So luckily I covered the ugly cracks with moulded decorations. If this was a paid cake, I would be at a complete loss. As you can't sell a cake that's blown out . The customer would be very angry. You can't afford a blow out. All the hard work I did trying to make the ganache smooth and even did not pay off.


I should think in all the years that Paul and David have been making cakes they too may have had similar experiences. David told us all a story of a time when, while delivering a wedding cake in extreme heat the whole cake started to melt and collapsed. It was a disaster! In his account of the story, David said with help of their staff, they managed to make another cake and get it to the customer.

Everyone, no matter what their skills, will occasionally be faced with this sort of problem or something else. Luckily you made this cake for a friend so no angry customer to deal with. You also managed to make good the damage with moulded decorations and I'm sure your friend was more than pleased with the great effort you made.

Please don't let this one incident affect your confidence. Every experience good or bad is a learning exercise which we can fall back on if it occurs again. X


Just to confirm what madeitwithlove has said. We all too often had mishaps to deal with and with sometimes 75 cakes going out a week, there was always an issue somewhere. Each cake of course was for a very special occasion, so we did everything we could to rectify the issues as they arose, however, sometimes, we had to admit defeat.
It is an awful feeling knowing that you've let your customer (or friend) down, but when you are dealing with art and cake, sometimes things are beyond your control.
Mistakes and problems will always happen, but it's how you deal with them that counts. We had a 'cake accident' book and we all made sure that we learned from previous mistakes and kept reviewing our processes until, thankfully, we had very, very, few issues.
Time is always a healer too. Take yourself away from the emotion of the event and re-visit, you can often feel a little better afterwards.
Every single cake decorator out there will have stories to tell, just put that one down to experience.


Thank you David, I so appreciate your input. I hope qvkake is comforted by your gentle words. XX

@qvkake, you did great a job, be proud of yourself! XX