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asked November 3rd 2018

Airbrushing a cake gold

I want to airbrush a cake gold. I have a Cassie Brown airbrush, which is the older model and have used it for different colours. Can I use gold airbrush colour in it? What brand would be best to use? I've heard you can use lustre dust diluted with vodka, but not sure of the quantities I have to mix.


Thank you so much for your advice!


Hi Tomandhen123

I wouldn't recommend using lustre dust through your airbrush as it can cause clogging. Please take a peek at my answer in the following link. There is a further link in that answer which you may also find useful:

Luster airbrushing

I would use a good airbrush colour rather than risk putting the lustre through. I think Paul has been using Spectrumflow but there are lots of good colours available. Take a peek here for different brands:


..... and Cassie Brown does her own colours too. Contact her on her site for advice on her machine.

If you don't want to spend out on a new airbrush colour, you could always paint by mixing up the gold lustre with vodka. It does take a lot of lustre and drying time. Vodka is not pure alcohol and does not evaporate at the same rate. If using vodka, allow each painted layer to dry first before painting the next. Have a peek at the Faye Cahill tutorials to get an idea of how to achieve an even coat while painting. Personally, I would avoid the hassle by using a colour ready formulated for airbrushing or something like PME gold spray. It depends on how deep you'd like the colour to be.

Hope you find the best solution for your machine. 🙂


You're welcome! 🙂