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asked June 19th 2018

Airbrushing Machine

I want to get an airbrush machine but unsure which is best, the dink
ydoodle or spectrum. Can anyone advise?


Hi ruthmac

As you know there are loads of different brands of airbrushes. I guess it depends what you want it for, how much use it is going to get.

I have the Dinky Doodle by Dawn Butler. Unfortunately, I am not enamoured with it as it has some issues with clogging. At the moment, from what I read, the most talked about machine is by Claire Anderson of Clairella Cakes https://clairellacakes.com/

She also has a free tutorial on the PBSS Cakelife magazine:

If you want a bigger, more commercial type of machine, Paul uses the Iwata: https://airbrushes.com/iwata.php

I've also heard a lot of very good reviews for the Cassie Brown airbrush:

Hopefully other members will also make other suggestions. 🙂


Thanks very much MIWL - I hadn't heard of Clairella Cakes airbrush but have looked it up on the web and does sound good. I have been wanting one since going on the 5 day wedding course with Paul !


So you must have seen Paul's Iwata. Were you able to use it? I think you'd really need to justify buying such a big machine. However, if you're in business and airbrushing a lot, it may be a consideration.
Paul would be the best person to speak to about that equipement. He does an introduction in one of his blogs which you can see here: https://www.cakeflix.com/cakelife/introduction-to-airbrushing-cake-decorating/

Are you a pro member? If you are, how about bringing it up on the next live facebook Q & A? Lucky you doing the five day course! I expect it was quite rigorous going. 🙂

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