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asked November 17th 2020

Airbrushing Ombre


I wonder is anyone able to help please with airbrushing a white fondant cake?
I plan to use blue, purple and pink but am not sure how to approach it. For example do I speay the whole cake with a one colour foundatation, and then do the three colours I mentioned in individual colour bands? Or do i just apray the three colour bands individually from the bottom up?

Any help would be great thanks. xx


HI madeitwithlove

Thanks again for your help. Just to let you know that the airbrushing went very well, and the cake was very well received. My initial worry was how well the overlapping colours would look/ meld but I checked out some colour charts online and that also helped.

Have a good day.



Hi bellscakes

Paul has the perfect tutorial for airbrushing ombré mermaid cake. The tutorial is recommended for anyone who has never airbrushed before.

Take a peek at lesson 5 here:

Mermaid Cake

In the tutorial, his student had used a plain white cake which she sprays using two graduated colours. The same technique will apply if you want to layer with more colours.

If you search in the tutorials menu ‘airbrushing’ , you’ll see several different airbrushing techniques.

🙂 hope suggestions help.


Hi madeitwithlove

Hope you are keeping well and managing in these awful times.

Thank you so very much for getting back to me, and including the link which I will look at now.. I did have a look last night for the information I was wanting but did'nt see exactly what I wanted.

Take care


Oh WoW! Well done bellscakes and thank you so much for giving your feedback! 😁
I’m so happy for you.

We’re trying our best to cope with this pandemic, it isn’t easy any of us. Sadly, we will definitely not be able to welcome anyone into our home this Christmas or Hanukkah . I hope you will be able to enjoy some time with your loved ones. Keep well and safe