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asked May 16th 2012


I don't know if I'm missing them somewhere but when I'm waching the tutorials is there a section which gives amounts to use (for sugar paste). Id like to make the pirate cake butunsure how much ganache I need to make up tofill and cover and how much brown sp I may need? Thanks


We are starting to work through the backlog of videos to clarify the tools and ingredients needed to complete each cake.

We are also going back to redo some of the older videos to bring them up to date with our close up camera and to provide better volume levels.

The Pirate ship requires approx 2.5 kg of sugarpaste and 1 kg of ganache.

Hope this helps, David


Clareg, you haven't missed what wasn't there to begin with. In the new tutorials Paul is including weights of all the ingredients required for cake decorations. I think the team, in time, is also going to backtrack on previous tutorials and display ingredients and tools as shown now. You can email the site and ask for the amounts since you are seeking a particular project, they are all very helpful.