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asked February 2nd 2018

Autumn Grace Cake

Can you please tell me what is the fan brush used to finish the top layers of this cake?


Hi cakes2love

It's a large artist's fan brush available singularly or in packs. Look for them online or in any art and hobby stores.
Some are synthetic and others made of animal hair. For the purposes of cake decorating the synthetic type would be best. Take a peek here for examples:



Hi madeitwithlove
Thank you very much for advice. I will check it out now.
I am making a very very special cake for my very very special grand daughter(!!) and it needs to be perfect.
Love this site, love all the help when needed and so glad to be a member.
Love to all


Hi Lyn

I hope everything goes really well with the cake you are making for your very, very special grand daughter. Your family is lucky to have a wonderful nana like you. It's also lovely that you are enjoying the site, please post anytime you need suppport. Good luck with the project xx 🙂

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