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asked September 5th 2018

Baking times for shaped number cakes

I am making a 75th birthday cake this weekend using 7 and 5 shaped tins (10inch x7inch im told, hiring them and not yet seen them), one will be Paul's moist chcolate cake and the other Mrs Jones' Madeira cake.

I was hoping someone would be able to help me with the ingredient quantities.
I have used the charts and thought I would use the amount for a square 10inch but I think that might be too much due to the shape?

Also can anyone help with baking times?
I have made Paul's moist cake a few times now and always followed the times and had no problem. I don't want to over bake or cause it to sink if I check it to early. I assume it will take less time due to the shape.


Hi Georgina Sparshott

The amount of batter can be calculated for both cakes. However, to do this it is necessary to have the precise measurments. How deep would you want the cakes to be and what is the width of both tins? You can get this information from the hirer. It's also possible that they may be able to advise you on baking times. If not, I will try and guestimate best times for both cakes. 🙂