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asked April 4th 2020

Basic Tools and Ingredients

I started cake decorating a few years ago and have been doing it on and off since. I have many supplies but they are basically all over the place. I have trouble organizing it all and knowing what I should have.

I want to get back to cake decorating regularly now and I am wondering if there is a list of basic tools and ingredients that I should purchase (for both baking and decorating). Also, where can I purchase the tools from?


Hi Ghalia Aamer

To see all the basic tools of the trade, take a peek at the free video here:

Tools of the trade

Depending on where you are based, tools can be purchased from your local cake decorating store or online from cake decorating supply outlets. The Cake Decorating Company in the UK offers discounts to Cakeflix premium and Pro members. Discount code for the cake decorating company can be found on the top right-hand side of the home page by clicking on your membership status ie where its says premium or pro.
However, there are hundreds of outlets all over the world, to see them just google 'cake decorating supplies stores'.

As you begin to watch the tutorials you will become more and more familiar with tools and ingredients as used in each tutorial. Scroll down from each video to see the tabs for tools and ingredients. Each tutor will bring something different. Some tools are more specialised but can still be purchased from many outlets.

If you have problems obtaining any tools or ingredients or have queries, please post back. Hope this helps. 🙂