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asked December 4th 2020

Blush pink fondant

Hello. How do i make blush pink fondant without using gel colours?


Hi Lay

It depends on which colour you are starting from. Without gel colours, it is very difficult to colour a base white unless you have other coloured fondants which you could mix together. If you have a pink fondant already, try kneading into it a tiny bit of black fondant. ...... or if you have powder colours, add a speck of black to existing pink fondant and knead in. Be very careful as colour develops as it rests, less is more.

Here is a youtube video which shows how to make it another way:

Hope suggestions help/


Thank you so much, which shade of pink do i add a bit of black? Baby pink or hot pink?


Hot pink is too pink and baby pink too light. Experiment by creating a shade in between the two by adding a small amount of the hot pink to the baby pink and then a speck of black.

It’s a case of experimenting with tiny amounts until you are satisfied with the shade. As I don’t know how many other colours you have, it is difficult to advise you on the ratios to mix.

Use a colour wheel as a mixing guide. Only experiment with small amounts, weigh each portion so you know what ratios you are using. Write down the ratios so you’ll know how much of each has been used.


Ok. Thank you so much i really appreciate your help