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asked May 19th 2012

Bulk Buying Sugarpaste and products

Hi Guys,


I am starting out my cake business form home and am looking for some help with my suppliers.

I cannot use Culpit as they require a minumum spend of £1500 per annum, which I cannot guarentee. So basically... does anyone know of any well priced wholesale companies where you can purchase sugarpaste and supplies at wholesale prices?


Many Thanks.


I hthe he same issue with culpit.... I use cake stuff for fondant etc as that is the cheapest.


There are many other cake decorating suppliers who would welcome your business. Try Kit Box, their minimum spend on wholesale supplies is just £30.00. The Cake Decorating Company in Nottingham are very helpful as is Sugar Shack. These are just three out of a multitude of suppliers. Best way to get a good deal is to talk to as many of them as possible and negotiate a price with them.


Thank you for your reply. I have emailed theses companies so will let you know how I get on.


Many thanks.