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asked August 6th 2020

Buttercream cake

I've been asked to make a 2 tier cake covered with buttercream instead of fondant.
What is the best way to attach the flowers which will be made by moulds as I've not been given enough time to make wired ones.
Look forward to your reply.


Hi Sarah

Buttercream, melted white chocolate, or a little royal icing can all be can be used to attach the flowers. Let the buttercream covered cakes crust over first so you have a hard surface to stick the flowers on. You'll only need a small amount of whichever medium you choose. It depends really on how big the flowers are. I use canned freeze spray to set things quickly. If you don't have any, it is available online. To see suppliers google search 'freeze spray for cake decorating'.

Hope this helps 🙂