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asked September 23rd 2019

Buttercream cakes

Hi , don't normally do buttercream coverings for wedding cakes buthave one this weekend.
Silly question but ithas just struck me that I am not sure what to cover the cake board with the finish it off. I would normally use fondant. Thanks in anticipation of any help.


Hi Jlo

The board can still be covered with fondant. Ice the board well in advance so it can dry thoroughly .
A crusting buttercream would also work, although as it is a wedding cake, fondant finish will be cleaner and more professional. 🙂


Thanks,Thought that but just thought the buttercream would stain it.


The buttercream will not stain the fondant if you have the cake on a board /card the same size as the cake. The card will be a barrier between the iced board and cake.