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asked March 5th 2018

Buttercream v ganache

Hi, Help, I am really confused...it's recommended to stick to ganache for stacked cakes etc, yet with wedding cakes different flavour buttercreams are generally offered for fillings.
So my question is, if let's say a caramel butter cream or strawberry buttercream filling is chosen by the bride, do you crumb coat and cover in the same flavoured buttercream or still go for ganache? If buttercream, is there anyway to make this as sturdy and clean as ganache? Thank you!


Hi Lyanda

It's perfectly fine to cover cakes with ganache yet use different flavoured buttercream fillings as requested by the customer. It tastes absolutely wonderful! Another advantage is it's stability which provides a perfect platform for stacked cakes. Buttercream can be made more stable by adding to it a percentage of white ganache or vegetable shortening. Paul demonstrate this in his using buttercream tutorial in the free section:

Using Buttercream – How to use buttercream

More information on how much approximately to use can be found in my blog here:

Hope this helps. Please post again if you need more information 🙂

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