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asked November 24th 2019

Cake batter splitting

Can anyone help me with why quite regularly my cake batter splits when I add the eggs and I end up with a bowl of scrambled eggs? I've recently bought a Kenwood Chef as I thought perhaps the hand-held mixer I was using was too powerful, but it was worse than ever today, making cupcakes. Could it be that my eggs were too cold? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Penny


Hi Penny

Certainly, cold eggs when mixed with room temperature butter will cause splitting as they don't incorporate. It's best to have all the ingredients at room temp. Eggs can be warmed up in tap warm water for a few minutes if they are fridge cold. Take a peek here for more information:


Butter should be soft just enough to make finger imprint when pushed and not squidgy. After beating sugar and butter together until fluffy, add the eggs very gradually until just incorporated before adding more. If the mixture begins to split, add a tablespoon of the flour to the egg and butter mixture and beat on medium speed to just incorporate before adding more egg. Do this each time the batter appears to split. Finally, beat the mixture for a few seconds to ensure all the ingredients are well incorporated. 🙂


Hi madeitwithlove, thank you very much! That makes perfect sense. The butter I used had come straight from the fridge so I microwaved it and some of it was actually runny (what an idiot 🤦🏼‍♀️) when I used it to cream with the sugar. Bizarrely, they taste really good, just haven't risen. I'm having a baking day with a friend tomorrow so will make sure I remember your helpful guidance.
Thank you very much again. Penny


Oh well, as long as it tasted good! no waste 🙂 Unfortunately, if the butter is too soft you won't get all the lovely bubbles which are formed during creaming to help the rise. 🙂

I find beating at medium speed for a little longer gives me better results than beating on fast speed. Fast beating can make too many bubbles with a weak structure which rise and collapse once heated. It can also make the butter oily as previously commented. Hope your baking day goes well 🙂