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asked May 5th 2020

Cake caluculator

I'm making my daughter's wedding cake using a Delia Smith Rich Fruit Cake recipe. The cake will be four tiers and I am trying to use the calculator to sort out my quantities. I have filled everything in correctly but when you click to see the recipe, nothing is there only the heading "ingredients".

Please help, many thanks, Jayne Pearson


Hi Jayne,
Sorry to read that you are having problems with the calculator.
It seems to be working ok at this end. Just to double check that you are selecting 'Use your own recipe'?
As soon as you select your recipe cake size you should then be able to start adding the ingredients and quantities.
The will immediately convert and be listed at the bottom of the page, with the option to download the final list.

If this isn't happening please contact our support team at [email protected]

It would be handy to know the browser and version that you are using?
It is always worth clearing cached data, which can sometimes cause issues (you'll find that in your browser settings).
I'm sure the support team will get you up and running.