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asked April 30th 2012

what type of cake keeps best the longest?

Hi - several questions relating to same thing really?

1) what type of cake keeps best the  longest. i.e  traditonal madeira,or  oil instead of butter based type cake.

2) which covering do you think the best - i.e. butter cream or ganache followed by sugarpaste.

3) how much in advance can you make and keep once covered in chosen material  asssuming you have cooked and covered within a day. thinking if you had to do lots of decorating.

cheers for help




CAkes can have a very varied shelf life. However we use an oil based recipe (you can use a pre mix from Puratos which is similar). By adding a little glycerine you can expect to get around 7 days as long as the cake is covered.

Ganache is better for covering cakes for so many reasons. 1. longevity 2. Gives a far neater finish.

The type of cake doesn't matter as much as the oil and glycerine.


Hi Paul,
Wher can i buy the pre-mix from?