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asked November 19th 2015

Cake Liners

Can anybody please give me a tip regarding lining tins with parchment paper. I cut the liners very carefully and then fit them into the tin but I find the side liners never seem to fit perfectly around the sides of the tin despite oiling the tin with sunflower oil or butter. The liners seem to have a life of their own. As a result the cake is often not perfectly round and I have to then try to build it up with ganash to get it even round the edges, It's a real pain.

Thanks very much. xx


Hi bellescakes

Have a look at Sue McMahons tutorial on youtube, it's the good to know tv video. I used to struggle getting the lining to stay nice and round until I watched Sue's tutorial,. I'd give you the link but the whole video will load onto this site which won't be so good. I hope it helps.


HI madeitwithlove

Thanks I will take a look at this.