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asked May 16th 2020

cake made with frozen fruit

Hi if I make a cake with frozen raspberries.... can I freeze the cake???? just that the raspberries are being frozen again


Hi elaine77

I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Frozen fruit, when even slightly defrosted and refrozen, can easily take on bacteria and mould.

If you were to refreeze it inside the cake as quickly as possible, chances are it would remain ok but will deteriorate as soon as the cake is defrosted.

Another thing to consider is the time a whole cake takes to be consumed. It wouldn’t be advisable to keep it refrigerated for a few days due to risk of mould growth.

A safe way to refreeze frozen fruit is to first cook it in a little sugar. Effectively, you’d be making a compote.

However, frozen fruit baked into the cake batter will freeze fine as the heat from the baking process will kill off any bacteria.

Hope this helps. 🙂


thanks but you've lost me a bit here. I would not be refreezing the fruit on its own. I would be making a cake with frozen raspberries in it. So are you saying that I can freeze the baked cake?


Yes, it's fine to bake the fruit into the batter. I'm so sorry for the confusion.

I think I probably misunderstood your question at the start but finally realised what you were asking. In my last paragraph, I have stated it's fine to bake the fruit in the batter as the baking process will kill off any bacteria. 🙂