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asked January 20th 2018

Cake size and colour

Hi , I’ve been asked to make this cake for my niece. Please can anyone help....I’m only a mum baker. Would the proportions be right for 10 8 6 or should it be smaller. Also what depth would look best for each tier. Also (sorry) what fondant would be beat for this pale pink? I’d be very grateful for any advice anyone can give me. Many thanks x


Hi Nookums

Did you mean to add a picture of the cake? If you have a link please could you post it to show the type of cake you are referring to. Thank you 🙂


Hello, sorry, I can’t attach the phot. It is 3 tier, very pale, blush pink and it is brushed with gold over the top and half way down the sides with ribbon? She wants a few fresh roses and would like it to stand on a cake stand. I’m not sure what size of 3 tier cake will look best on a cake stand. Many thanks again x


The size of the cakes will depend on how many people it will serve. On the site we have calculators to help you calculate the sizes you'll need. Select the portions calculator here:
.... and you will also see others which you may like to use for other ingredient calculations.

The height of cake is up to you but 4" inch deep cakes do look much nicer than 3" deep. You could of course make a double barrel cake and have a small cake on top. There's a lovely tutorial on the free section of the site for double barrel cake here:
Have a peek through the site for examples of tiered cakes on stands. It will give you a better idea how they look.

When using a cake stand make sure that it will take the weight of your cake. Some cake stands break because they are not constructed to take tiered cakes. To help you calculate the weight of your cakes, take a peek here: https://www.cakeflix.com/questions/glass-pedestal-cake-stand

Fresh flowers, including roses need to be contained in posy picks before they can be inserted into the cake. You can buy posy picks online, from local cake decorating stores or from florists. They must be washed and sterlised with a little alcohol (vodka or another spirit) before inserting into the cake.
From your description, the cake sounds lovely and not too difficult to make. Please let me know if this helps or whether you would like further assistance. 🙂

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