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asked June 23rd 2018

Cake style

I was reading how to get started a business on cake life, and Paul talks about
Finding your "niche" i.e. what style of cakes you like to make so you
Can market these. I have no idea what my cake style is! I enjoy making
Everything lol, from novelty to wedding to cupcakes! I notice Paul
Seems to enjoy making any cake too.! Is it important to specialise
In something?

This is my page. https://www.instagram.com/susanforbesxo/


I've just has a peek at your page ... really lovely!

It's great to be able offer all types of cakes to your customers. However, I think some people find they have a natural talent for a particular field and that is their niche. As in any profession, versatility is the veins and capillaries which feed a core. Specialising in a particular field has a very strong place but can be limiting in this ever changing industry.

Have fun learning everything well, in order meet challenges as they present themselves. I would say, just enjoy yourself doing what you are doing. Go on lots of different types courses to hone and develop finer skills. At present you are on the greatest learning site money can buy. For business development, you won't find better than the site's Pro tutorials. David is a fantastic tutor who will walk you through everything you need to know.

There's not much thats been left out here! 🙂


Thanks MadeitwithLove! Answer great answer??


You're welcome Susan Forbes. 🙂