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asked May 18th 2020

Caking All Over the World???

Hi there,
A question about the availability of this series. I watched a couple of these, filmed and not live. I do not have a premium membership. Just now when I popped over to watch another few, they were all labeled premium and not available -- including the two that I watched last week. I have no problem with premium tuts not being available to me, but I don't understand why just last week they were available. Has there been a change of policy???? Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong???


Hi Franke,
Caking all over the World has been very popular and we hosted the videos on our site afterwards for everyone to watch. On Thursday 7th of May, I received a bill for $5,500 from Vimeo, our video hosts as we had exceeded their bandwidth limit. This is a ceiling that is never published and if you check on their site, the Premium plan that we were on states 'Unlimited bandwidth' and 'No hidden fees'. I have negotiated that bill down to $4,500, but needed to stop using excess bandwidth immediately, which is why we switched off most of our free content. Caking all over the World doesn't make us any money, and has now cost us a load. I hope you understand our position šŸ™


Hi franke

Iā€™m sure David mentions the reason in last weeks session. CAOTW has incurred a sizeable fee so the session are now regretfully restricted to paying members. I know both David and Paul would have loved to share this wonderful feast with everyone.

For more information please contact David by emailing [email protected]



Thank you David and madeitwithlove for your quick responses. Of course I understand. What a price to pay for trying to be helpful and generous!
Stay well and safe!