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asked October 25th 2018

calculating cake baking times

Hi, I've an ongoing problem adjusting baking times after i've recalculated a recipe using the cake recipe re-calculator. Can anyone help? for example a 10" cake bakes for 1 hour, how do i scale the baking times for 8" or 6" cake? thanks for your help.


Hi Lmcg

There are too many variables to answer definitively this very common question. Firstly all recipes are different, ingredients behave differently, the type of baking tin will make a difference as well as the type of oven being used. The only way to do it is by working with your oven and building experience. My best advice is to scale your recipe, bake it, baby sit it until done and make a record of the timing for the next time.
Recipes in books are tested many times for timing. We can take advantage of the hard work the authors have put into bringing them to us.

You may find the following blog useful:

Baking Problems and Solutions by madeitwithlove

I hope this will help and you have many successful bakes. 🙂