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asked April 3rd 2019

Chiffon cakes

Hi, can you please tell me if chiffon cakes can be filled and iced with either Ganache or Swiss meringue buttercream and covered with fondant? Will they take the weight?


Hi qvkake

I have never stacked chiffon cake nor iced one with fondant. I use Italian meringue buttercream with added melted chocolate for filling and covering, adding flavours of choice. I have read in other forums where chiffons are used for stacking and covering with fondant. Please take a peek at folk who have done so here:

My recommendation would be to make medium-sized chiffon using the correct pan and following the recipe to the letter. I know from experience how temperamental chiffon cake can be but once mastered you'll enjoy it.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help and hope the advice in the link will be of use. 🙂 X


Thank you. Your advice is always prompt, which is always needed and much appreciated.


If you go ahead with the bake, your feedback will be much appreciated. X


Yes, I am going ahead with a chiffon cake, the reason for this is I have found the butter cakes, to be too dry and dense. So I will let you know very soon.


Hi, I made the chiffon cake I filled it and coated it with SMBC, that had a little 23% white choc, mixed in it . I thought that it would make the naringue butter cream a little more stable. I covered it with fondant. Left it overnight, on my bench. As I didn't need it till later next evening? Before covering it with fondant the cake was in the fridge to chill for hours. I took the cake out. Covered it with fondant, and with in minutes the sweating started, and I couldn't. Smooth it with smoothed as, it was a wet surface. Which defeated the purpose of chilling because I thought I would have a firmer stable cake for smoothing. I should have let it sweat it out, but if I did then the buttercream would softened again!

Anyway the next afternoon after covering it, I noticed there was a blowout , I gave a quick prick with a cake tester, to save it. It went down a little ,just enough. Don't know if it was the weather (28 degrees), or the chiffon cake.
Now the cake taste and texture was way better then any butter cake I have made, so light and airy, everyone loved the taste, and every piece was finished. It did not last long, I did not over fill the layers like last time. I will use chiffon cakes again as long as it was not the reason for the blowout. Very pleased with the cake, very yummy.


WoW, such happy news! Thank you so much for getting back 🙂 Yes the blow out was probably due to the temperature which softened the buttercream. In hot weather, try adding a tablespoon of meringue powder to the crumb coat to help stabilize it. It depends on the amount of buttercream you have, you may need more. I'm so pleased for you. 🙂 xx