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asked November 28th 2019

Chocolate fudge cake recipe

I use a chocolate fudge cake recipe which calls for dark chocolate (>50%) along with cocoa powder (lindy smith's& Maisies ) which s quite good but quite bitter on it's own. So I use white chocolate buttercream & white chocolate ganache to counteract the taste. But I would like to know if I can use 1/2 of that quantity for milk chocolate to lesson the bitterness but still have fudgy texture.

I have tried other recipes which uses only cocoa powder but they aren't that fudgy. I don't want to waste more ingredients & time trying out other recipes.

Greatly appreciate if I can receive some amazing feedback as always.
thank you xx


Hi 231081

I haven’t seen the recipe mentioned but certainly, if you’d like a sweeter fudge icing, some of the dark chocolate can be substituted with milk chocolate. It might take very slightly longer to set. 🙂


Dear madeitwithlove,
It's for the ''Fudge cake'' itself and not for the fudge icing. I may have confused you by mentioning the icing part in there too.
So for the Choc Fudge cake recipe I normally do, say out of 8 oz of dark chocolate for 4 egg quantity (also cocoa powder is included) could I use say 4oz of milk chocolate & 4oz of dark chocolate ? I find using dark chocolate & cocoa powder , the cake tastes quite bitter. I guess it can be done write?? I simply cannot find a good recipe that calls for milk chocolate, for a fudge cake.
I am so sorry for the confusion & all the questions.


Oh dear! Too much after dinner port. So sorry for not getting it right. Yes of course you can use part milk chocolate for the cake. Don’t forget milk chocolate is sweeter so perhaps reduce the sugar in the cake by a few grams. ..... or not if you like it sweet.


Haha no worries madeitwithlove!
I feel more confident now to go ahead with it (for a customer)as coming from an expert,and appreciate your time to reply .
Than you xx