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asked November 25th 2019


My granddaughter has ask me to do her wedding cake. I have little experience with that. She wants the color rose gold and sage I have no idea how to make rose gold. I was thinking of a white cake with rose gold flowers and sage green? Maybe trim edges of some flowers with gold on edges of the rose gold flowers. Any help would be. Great. Thank you. Oh I love your tutorials.


Hi mickeyme

Making a precious granddaughter's wedding cake is a massive deal. It's a lot of pressure if you have little or no experience how to go about creating that perfect and memorable centrepiece. My first recommendation would be to watch as many wedding cake tutorials as you can and then select a handful which closely resembles or inspires her request. As you know, Cakeflix has numerous wedding cake tutorials so you will not be short of choices. The following tutorial shows from start to finish the skills required to complete a tiered wedding cake:

Polka Dot Wedding Cake

Secondly, I would strongly recommend practising decorating a few cakes with the mediums which you will be using. Personally, I would bake off a few cakes and practice levelling, filling, masking and icing so you are prepared for the real thing. It will definitely take the stress out of the unknown. Another great inspirational tool is a mood board on which you and your granddaughter can visualise how colours and designs work together. Take a peek here:

Wedding Cake Consultations | Wedding Cake Mood Boards

The rose gold colour can be achieved using rose gold edible dusts, sprays or airbrushing. All these items are available either in your local area cake decorating stores or online. They can also be purchased from UK stores who will happily ship overseas. To learn how this colour is achieved, google search ' which edible colours to mix to make rose gold'.
I understand that you have no experience of cake decorating. However, just by watching the beginners tutorials you will soon pick up techniques which will enable you to move forward to a more intermediate level.

Browse through the wedding style tutorials for inspiration, see them here:

Please post back if you require more information or if you would like me to source other tutorials on Cakeflix which may be useful to you.


Thank you for your help. I am going to experiment with a few colors and pray they workπŸ˜€πŸ˜‰


Hope all goes well but please do post back with your progress. πŸ™‚