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asked March 4th 2021

Coloured drip for cakes

I wonder if i can ask how everyone makes their drip for drip cakes?
Usually I use chocolate ganache, or melted chocolate.I’d really like to know how to make a gold or metallic drip as not having much success colouring with lustre dusts into ganache? Ive previously painted the gold on but have to say its very time consuming!


Hi busybee73

Have you tried using coloured candy melts. For gold, use a peach or apricot background to paint. Painting directly on white never achieves depth.

I use powder colours mixed with cocoa butter or oil based colours for ganache. You can also make drips with royal icing. Royal icing colours well with gel or paste colours. Colours develop over time, so, colour your medium and let it develop, add more colour if you want it deeper.

Take a peek here for another answer:

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And if you don’t fancy making royal icing, take a peek here:

Fondant drips

Post back if you need more information 🙂


Hi @madeitwithlove,
So I tried candy melts once and they seemed really thick when i melted them,can they be let down with melted cocoa butter ? Also successfully used royal icing and the effect was nice,.


Yes, candy melts can be let down with cocoa butter. Use a teaspoon to begin with and add more if you need it. Sometimes it can run away , be cautious. 😊


Bit of oil or trex will do the same


I use a metallic gold icing mix bought from a website called evil cake genius. They have variety of silver, rose gold etc. It seemed like it’s premixed royal icing with some kind of gold powder but you just mix water into your desired consistency.


Thanks i will try that also.