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asked August 1st 2020

colouring cake mixture red and black

Hi im sorry if anyone has asked this question before but i dont know how to search for it.

Would it be possible to colour cake mixture red and black or will it take too much colouring and taste funny.
my daughter wants a vanilla cake but in those colours. Thankyou very much for anyones help xx


Thankyou so much for your help. Its very much appreciated xx



Apologies for this late reply. The black might be best achieved by making a chocolate cake using black cocoa powder. It's best used in combination with regular cocoa in half and half measures added to the cake batter. On its own, it will be too bitter. Amazon has it but it isn't cheap. Here's a link:

It can also be used in conjunction with Sugarflair Black Extra.

The red cake might be a little tricker as using too much colour can leave a nasty taste in the end product. Wilton's make a no taste red which you can see in the following link:


Sugarflair also makes a Red Extra which doesn't distort the taste of the batter. You could also try using two or three different reds mixed together in small quantities to make a more vibrant shade. RainbowDust Pro gel colours are very intense which may give be another solution.
I have used beetroot powder and also red edible powdered colour, but unfortunately, the colour once baked becomes more a russet. Same also for other natural products like raspberry powder.

Finally, to get a real red, you could try a white cake recipe. Here's one by Liz Marek.


This could also be used for the black cake. I recommend making a trial cake of each before taking the plunge for the real thing.

Hope the suggestions help. Please post back if you need more information. πŸ™‚


You are very welcome CAROLE πŸ™‚


Can you say me the details to make new colours by mixing 2 or 3 colours.


Hi mmpradeepcorner2013

It would be difficult for me to give you a full answer as it can get complicated.

You can learn to mix colours using a colour wheel. Find a colour wheel online, it will show which colours to mix or search on YouTube for colour wheel tutorials.

A suitable colour wheel available from Amazon is manufactured by Daler Romney. There are other brands which you may prefer. Google search online for Colour wheel’. πŸ™‚

Hope you find a suitable wheel and tutorial. It takes time , practice and experimenting to understand the process. Start just by mixing and experimenting primary colours. πŸ™‚