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asked March 8th 2018

Cooking Paul’s chocolate cake

I was just wondering, I know you say to cook both tins at same time but I've only got a small oven, so would it be better to work out the ingredient portion sizes and make them separately or can you leave either one out on work top whilst cooking the other. I only ask as my ovens heating element is up the top and if I put them in together the top one would burn. Tia


Hi Helen

Yes, if you can't fit both the pans in together scale the recipe for each individual size and bake them separately. 🙂


Thanks madeitwithlove. I will definitely do that. Can't wait to see if I'm upto the baking and decorating task. Did it years ago when my boys were young now I've got more time on my hands thought I'd give it another go. X


I'm sure all your skills are still there. I used to bake all the time when my son was a child. He had so many allergies, in and out of hospital and unable to eat shop bought treats. Now I rarely bake, I think I got sick of the cleaning up!
The decorating part is fun though, it's addictive so be prepared to spend loads of money on all sorts of gadgets even if you don't need them 🙂 🙂 Just enjoy yourself and relax . X

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