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asked February 15th 2019

Covering a number 3 Cake with fondant

Hi, later today I have a number 3 Cake to cover in fondant and not particularly looking forward to it, as it's fiddly getting down to the inside of the number. Has anyone got any advice for me or helpful hints . Thank you


Hi maisy

If you use ganache for crumb coating it will give you a good strong base to place the fondant on. On a rounded style number 3, roll the fondant out fairly big and lay it over the cake. Lift the fondant over the curves and smooth down as you proceed. There should be enough fondant to be able to lift and tuck into the inner curves. Cut away any excess and smooth all around. For the flat style number, it is still possible to cover in one go as with the rounded style. Alternatively, you can panel the sides. If using this method there will be joins on the edges. These can be easily smoothed together by piping a line of fine royal icing along the edges and wiped away with a damp paintbrush or a damp finger. See in the following tutorial how Paul panels a cake and deals with the edges:

Jimmy Choo Shoe Cake

Take your time 🙂 Hope suggestions help and good luck.