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asked November 3rd 2018

crispy edges on cake

hello sir

why do my cake edges get hard after baking ? i couldn't even able to trim the edges since the cake is breaking in to pieces when try to cut the hard edges, could you pls suggest some tips to fix this problem? i cooked the 8 inch cake at 350 for 60 mins..


Hi Vanitha

Cake edges tend to get hard if the pan has be over greased. The fat/butter which is used to grease the sides of the pan litereally fries the sides of the cake! To prevent this, grease with a little fat, and then line the bottom and sides of the pan with parchment paper. This helps to protect the cake from over crisping and sticking. Remember to follow the recipe instructions carefully with regard to timing. You haven't said which type of recipe was used in the 8" cake which you made. It's possible you may have over baked the cake and it has dried out.

Let me know which recipe and method you have followed. It will give me a better idea what went wrong and to help with a more accurate solution.