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asked September 14th 2019

Cupcake and marzipan boxes

Hello all

I am going to do a cake stall once a month.
Does anyone know where I can buy tall cupcake boxes, as I want to do some piping with a topping on. I find the standard boxes aren't tall enough. Ideally holds 4 & 6 cupcakes.
I'm also looking for marzipan fruit boxes.
If anyone has any tips on cake stalls I would be very gratefully thank you for help in advice
Tracey xx


Hi Tracey

Are you looking to buy wholesale or in smaller quantities?

For wholesale, you’ll get all types here:

If in smaller quantities try, the cake decorating company, cake craft company and most online cake decorating outlets.


Hello Madeitwithlove

Thank you for your help, I will price both of them up

Tracey xx