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asked February 24th 2018

dark choc ganache ingredient quantities

In the excellent tutorial Paul uses 1.27kg double cram to 1.6 kg chocolate, but in the comments below the tutorial it gives 1: 2 ratio. Other sources give different ratios . What ratio does Paul use? I love his tutorials! Thank you



Ganache can be made to a different ratios depending on the application and the type of chocolate used. In general, for cake covering 1 part cream to 2 part dark chocolate is used with dark chocolate containing 50 -60% cocoa solids. Chocolate with a higer % of cocoa solids sets harder so the ratio is sometimes adjusted. Similarly if cocoa solids is lower as in white or milk chocolate
Paul uses uses 1:2 ratio. To help calculate how much ganache is required, the site has a useful calculator here:

Cake Calculators

Please take a peek at the following blogs (data for the calculator is taken from the charts) which you may also find useful:

Hope the information helps 🙂


Fabulous! Thank you so much - really helpful!

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