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asked June 23rd 2018

Decorated cupcake storage

Hi! Cupcakes decorated with buttercream (2:1 ratio icing sugar to butter. NO milk/cream/cream cheese) are safe at cool room temp for how long? Thanks in advance for any guidance!


You're welcome Sarah MKC! You must have amazing patience to do cupcakes. I can't get on with them but I love to eat them, YUM 🙂


Thank you. I own a business and make my cupcakes as close to pick up/delivery as possible but when customers want to eat them the following day or even the day after I wanted reassurance that my recommendation of 2 days at room temp was a conservative one. Thanks madeitwithlove for putting my mind at ease.


Hi Sarah_MKC

The high amount of sugar which is contained in buttercream will keep it safe at a cool room temperature for approximately a week. It will probably be alright for longer, however it's best to use it up before. Keep decorated cupcakes in a covered box to prevent airborn microbes and dust settling on them. 🙂

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