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asked November 11th 2020


hi has Paul ever used a dehydrator to dry sugar work


Hi Nichola Jones

It's possible Paul might have but I have no recollection that he has in any of the tutorials. For a definitive answer, perhaps write into the site with your enquiry using the following form:

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Alternatively, there is much discussion on the internet about using dehydrators in sugarcraft. To see opinions, Google search 'How to dry fondant in a dehydrator'
Another way is to place pieces on parchment paper and dry them in the oven at the lowest temperature setting. I have done this by pre-heating the oven on its lowest setting until thoroughly warm. Then switch off the oven and place pieces in to dry. Small pieces take a few minutes and larger pieces take longer. If you try this method, it is advisable to keep an eye on your wares. Once they have cooled right down, the gum paste or fondant becomes very hard.

There is also the option to dry in the oven with just the oven light on. The light creates suffcient heat to help draw out moisture from gumpaste/fondant. For quite small pieces or for articles made of royal icing, the use of an anglepoise light works extremely well.

Hope suggestions help. 🙂