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asked August 8th 2019


Hi looking for help re making edible diamonds I find the gel ones difficult to use the cake is diamond pattern and looking to put a diamond at each point. Any ideas please


Hi Alicain

There is the option of making isomalt jewels if you’re not happy with the gel type. For ease of use , I suggest buying the ready tempered variety.

There are loads of tutorials on YouTube showing how to prepare the syrup for use in either candy or silicone jewel moulds. I read good reviews for Saricino isomalt, although there are lots of other brands to choose from. Google Search ‘isomalt for edible jewels ‘ to see the brands.

The gel jewels can be made easier to use if they are first sprayed with clear edible glaze. The glaze prevents the gem from clouding over.

If you’re not worried about perfect uniformity, cracking clear boiled sweets could be another option.

If you decide to use isomalt please take great care not to burn yourself. 🙂