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asked March 8th 2019

Double Barrel Dimensions

I will be making a wedding cake for my son this summer with a rustic theme. He wants the design where you cover the cake in buttercream and go round with a palette knife horizontally to make slight ridges (don’t know the technical term for this design?) I won’t be using buttercream but royal icing on top of ganache.

I would like the cake to be three tiers with at least one of the tiers being a double barrel cake to add height and elegance?! All tiers will be sponge.

Please can you recommend a series of cake dimensions for each of the tiers together with a suitable depth? Do you think it would look best if the double barrel cake was just one tier (middle?) or middle and top? Also should the depth of the cakes increase as you go up the tiers for this type of design?
Many thanks for any help and advice.


Hi Clare.W

For inspiration, please take a peek at the site's comprehensive wedding cake styles tutorials here:

The dimensions of each cake can be found in the ingredients list below each video.

I hope there is something there for you. Please let me know if you need further assistance.