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asked May 26th 2019

Double sided boards

In the pufferfish tutorial Paul uses boards that are covered in foil both sides.Can you tell me which supplier these are from please ?


Hi Woodysmum

Unfortunately, I don't know where Paul buys his cake boards and drums. He hasn't listed the supplier in the ingredients or tools tabs. I've made a wide search for silver underside cake boards without a successful result. It may be best if you ask the customer support team at the site. For ease, use the contact form:

Contact Us

Alternatively, you could stick a silver cake card on the underside of the drum using a hot glue gun.

Hope the suggestion helps. 🙂




Hi Woodysmum,

I've managed to get hold of Paul and asked about the board.

This was from Dummies Direct (no longer trading) and was as a result of a 'mistake'. Sometimes they would send occasional double sided covered boards, but not something that could be ordered.

Paul agrees with Madeitwithlove as an alternative to get the double sided shiny finish 🙂


Thank you David, much appreciated. 🙂


Thank you David