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asked January 28th 2019

Dowel dummy cake

Making 5 tier wedding cake 4 th tier dummy which is 8 inch , top tier 6 inch sponge do I have to dowel dummy cake for 6 inch to sit on and if so what do I use please I am using white plastic dowels for rest of the cake are skewers ok for dummy


Hi Alicain

The 8" dummy will take the weight of the 6" sponge, therefore does not require dowelling. However, all the other tiers, including the 3rd tier on which the dummy will be sitting on, must be dowelled. Stick the spong tier ( on it's own card) down onto the dummy with either some royal icing or ganache

Dummies are extremely strong. To learn a little more of their composition, take a peek here:

Cake Dummies – by madeitwithlove



Thankyou so much you are very helpful much appreciated


You're welcome Alicain. Good luck with your wedding cake, hope all goes well 🙂